I have a spider on my pant leg,
to my dismay and woe.
I gaze at him,
so small of limb,
he will not let me go.

I met him in an alley,
deep and dark and dank,
he latched ahold,
and now I'm told,
his silky threads to thank.

I jump around in circles,
he can not stay on me!
But he holds on,
with so much brawn,
I cannot get him free!

So now I've drawn a crowd,
they're watching from afar,
I do this dance,
a little prance,
I know I look bizarre.

I finally catch him with my toe,
and smash him into paste.
he's finally dead,
and so I fled,
into my car post-haste.

And as my story ends,
I'm sure that you can see,
that a spider who,
climbed on my shoe,
found I wasn't his taxi!

~Yes, it's mine.

I don't know what possessed me. I'm obviously not a poet, but after battling this spider these verses just came to me. I don't know what it is about me and spiders. I'm telling you, they're after me!

Anyway, I hope this gets a giggle out of you, if for no other reason than you can imagine the weird dance I was doing. :)