Ode to a Boss*

Each and every day I hope

but it’s to no avail,

that there could be a change, but nope

stupendously you fail.

You sidle up without a care,

I cringe and close my eyes.

the restraint I show is rather rare,

I should receive a prize.

I have to say it’s quite an art

that you can’t seem to see,

the question that you think is smart,

is dumb as dumb can be.

I know you think that I’m a dope

and speak to me as so,

but there’s a day I’ll laugh and hope

you like the taste of crow!

It’s true that you aren’t sharp of wit

but think of this old hen,

if respect is what you think you’ll get,

don’t treat me like I’m ten!

*any similarity to a real boss is purely coincidental. Everyone knows a boss would never really act like this...


Cicada Killer!

That title needed an exclamation point. Yes, it's the name of the bug shown below, but I just figured it was more dramatic this way.

Found this little guy...er, big guy...on my car tire yesterday. It's a GIANT of a wasp and it was holding on to this cicada. I was pretty sure the cicada was just stunned and that the wasp had pretty nefarious plans for it, but I was still curious about this thing.

A quick trip to www.whatsthatbug.com cleared it up for me. This site is absolutely fabulous if you are trying to identify some strange creepy crawler or get more information about a species.

Check it out. The carnage page is disgustingly hilarious.

*woah. click on the picture. It's awesome!