Cicada Killer!

That title needed an exclamation point. Yes, it's the name of the bug shown below, but I just figured it was more dramatic this way.

Found this little guy...er, big guy...on my car tire yesterday. It's a GIANT of a wasp and it was holding on to this cicada. I was pretty sure the cicada was just stunned and that the wasp had pretty nefarious plans for it, but I was still curious about this thing.

A quick trip to www.whatsthatbug.com cleared it up for me. This site is absolutely fabulous if you are trying to identify some strange creepy crawler or get more information about a species.

Check it out. The carnage page is disgustingly hilarious.

*woah. click on the picture. It's awesome!


Dirty Gypsy said...

Hot bug-on-bug action!

Kristi said...

So did you turn that picture into the site? I don't know if they would put it on the carnage page or the Bug Love page! :)