Because she wouldn't bribe me

I've been promising a new post for quite some time. I've been pretty busy but there hasn't been much that's newsworthy...so I have to fall back on this.

Or, more appropriately, THESE.

These are pics that Steph asked me to take a little before Christmas to give as gifts to her Grandmother.

And this one is my absolute favorite.

Even though it's Steph's least favorite.

And no...I don't have any idea why either.


I Heart Faces - Pets

So I recently started following a photography blog on Twitter. It looks like a nice low-key community of people that are looking for inspiration and maybe a little friendly critiquing as well. And since we all know I could use some unbiased input I thought it might be a good site to follow. It's called:

Well I'm finally getting around to entering one of the weekly "contests". The theme for the week is "The Eyes Have It". And since there is now a pet section the following photo just had to be submitted.

Yes, I know the couple of you that read this blog have seen it before. But since it's of my lovely Pandora I'm sure you don't mind it being posted again. And it IS cropped a little differently. Here, take a look at the original if you doubt me. For anyone interested in following an interesting new photography community, the website is www.iheartfaces.com.

For the rest of you, I promise I'll have a completely new post up soon.

And by soon I mean in the next millennium. Or something.