I'm a week behind. It's not that I don't want to continue this color blogging thing. I love it! I've been busy ok? But I already have Grey all planned out. Random question...how do YOU spell the color Grey?

So...Turquoise. I hated this color growing up. Being a redhead, it was one of the colors that my Mom used to always tell me was 'appropriate' for me. That and orange. And coral. I've come to terms with orange. Orange and I are best buds. Coral and turquoise? We're still working things out.

Instead of photos...this week you get to see a new project I've been working on. Over the next few weeks I'm going to try to learn a little more about HTML and CSS and how they work. I've only done a teeny bit of reading so far and only on basic HTML. But these little form actions I learned about are fun! Here. Take a look.

So what exactly IS Turquoise?

Then I learned how to make a button!

Check boxes are fun...

I like turquoise:

I hate turquoise:

I have no idea what turquoise is:

But radio buttons are even more so!

Turquoise is a rock.

Turquoise is a color.

Turquoise is both.

You're only using Turquoise to show off that you can make so called 'forms' now.

Send me a comment on how you feel about Turquoise.




Ok ok...as you've by now figured out the button, drop down menu, and radio buttons don't actually do anything. But hey...I know how to build those elements now. Oh...and pssst. That comment form? THAT one actually works (well, at least it pulls up good ol' Outlook so you could send an email...but I haven't actually tested it)...I'm just sayin.

I'm going to have fun with this...