With Respect

To the birds in the back yard tree,

I must ask that you cease leaving your little white gifts all over my car. I'm sure that you have gained much respect in the bird world for your re-decoration of my vehicle but let me assure you, your attentions are unwanted.

You've managed to make my car look even more trashy than it already did, which is quite the accomplishment. I just wish the damned stuff wasn't so hard to remove!

Now, since I have no other place to park I am asking you nicely to find another tree. After all, you've really had the cushy life here. The man upstairs has even been nice enough to spread fresh grass seed for you.

So you see, although the tree above my car is no doubt lovely, you must vacate it immediately in order to continue our amicable relationship. I will expect to see a change in your behavior no later than Monday.

Thank you for your consideration in this very important matter.


As promised...

Happy Birthday Dani!


Meet Bob...

This is my fern Bob.

Side Show Bob to be exact.

Sometime I'll have to tell you the funny story of how Bob and I got home on the metro.

But for now, he will just help me introduce my first mobile blog post with pictures!


Who'da Thunk?

I have begun a new adventure in sewing. I just hope I've begun early enough. I refuse to have more 14 hour sewing days...

Here's to hoping that this project won't be quite as difficult. So, what am I working on you ask?

Horse costuming.

No no! Don't adjust your monitor. You read that right. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be constructing a caparison. Call it what you will; caparison, trappings, barding, it's quite the project.

Here's a picture of a caparison...of course it's nothing like what I'll be constructing. I'm going for something WAY more simple. Maybe I'll figure out the scanner on this thing at some point and scan my design. Anyway, this is a form of a caparison.

They can be very elaborate (as shown here) or very simple. I'll be working on a design that's somewhere in the middle.

The funniest part about all of this is that back in the day, when I used to watch THESE guys joust, I never figured I would be one of the girlfriends that constructed some of this stuff!

I mean, after all, I was warned to stay away from "those jouster types". Heh...


Curse you St. Louis!

How is it that there aren't more accidents here when it rains??

I do have to give St. Louis folks props, to some degree, on being able to drive basically blind on the roads around here when it rains. There is just no way to see the lane markings when the road is wet, especially at night. It's miserable! You're basically guessing on where the lanes should be and hoping someone else doesn't guess that their lane overlaps where you think yours is.

Of course, what I've been saying for years was finally proven (in my mind at least) last week when I heard THIS.

Come on St. Louis! Help us out and put some decent reflective markings on our streets!


The winds of what?

As Kristi noticed the other day, this blog has a new look. I was getting tired of looking at the same colors day in and out (heh...who am I kidding, I only seem to look at it monthly at best anymore) so I thought it could use a...freshening, if you will.

Blogger doesn't have much in the way of template choices (I'll either have to switch to Wordpress or learn how to code) but this was better than nothing. Thought I would go for something a bit more...minimalistic. Yep. That's me. Aaaallll about the minimalism.

*to those of you who've seen my apartment, I apologize if you just covered your screen and/or keyboard in whatever you were eating and/or drinking. See? Your seventh grade computer teacher was justified in his "no food or drink around the computers" rule!

*you may have difficulty reading the archives as many of my earlier posts were done in white text to better contrast the green. But here's the thing. If you are truly going to read that far back, I'm sure you can be bothered to highlight the text in order to read it. 'Cause you bet your cupcakes I'm not going back to change them all! Maybe I'll get around to doing a 'favorites' list someday...


I so want picture mail

Going through my pictures on my phone tonight. It would be so much easier to just post these directly rather than having to take them off the phone, put them on the computer, and then post them here.

Ah well.

Found these while looking at the phone pictures. I'm still not used to thinking about taking pictures with the phone, so I had forgotten about these.

So much fun. We usually try to take the opportunity to play with the lightsabers whenever possible.

And yes, I try to take pictures whenever possible.