Curse you St. Louis!

How is it that there aren't more accidents here when it rains??

I do have to give St. Louis folks props, to some degree, on being able to drive basically blind on the roads around here when it rains. There is just no way to see the lane markings when the road is wet, especially at night. It's miserable! You're basically guessing on where the lanes should be and hoping someone else doesn't guess that their lane overlaps where you think yours is.

Of course, what I've been saying for years was finally proven (in my mind at least) last week when I heard THIS.

Come on St. Louis! Help us out and put some decent reflective markings on our streets!

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Brian said...

Last weekend, I was driving through Dallas, which is a city I have little love for; however, I will give them credit for having fantastic reflective lane markers. It makes a world of difference when driving down there.

Here in St. Louis, however, we don't believe in making drive time easier. Just one of the many charms, I guess . . .