I swear, it's not what you think!

Our affair began early in life.

It began slowly and unexpectedly, as many affairs do. We spent time together when I was a child. Though it was limited, you left an impression on me that never faded. As a child, my parents would limit our exposure to each other. Most often I only saw you on special occasions. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and maybe the odd camping trip or family outing. You weren’t necessarily considered a bad influence on me…just an influence that needed limiting. Remember those couple of times I went so far as to sneak you in? You were my own guilty little secret.

As the years progressed I changed. You also changed, though it seemed you began changing with every season. And although you looked different from time to time, you were still the same inside. I stopped looking at you as a guilty secret though I realized my parents were right in limiting our exposure. You could so easily take over me and I would be in too deep before I knew it. Hours turned to minutes and minutes to hours when I was with you. I had to keep you at a distance that was safe for me. There were times that I couldn’t have you, and then the cravings would nearly do me in. Yet, your presence is comforting to me.

And then, yesterday, we met again in Wal-Mart.

Oh Oreo, you have my heart now more than ever.


I'm not alone

Just so you don't all think I was the only one with the Google/lack of a pirate theme thing, I submit to you the following link.

Pirates Unite!

Ha! Take that Google.


Because Pirates just ARE, ok?

Ahoy Google Crew,

We be writin’ t’ let ye know how disappointed we be with the newest update t’ Gmail. Yar, it be true yer crew has provided helpful updates t’ this popular email program in the past, but we feel ye ‘ave missed yer mark this time. Aye, we be greatly distressed t’ see the inclusion o’ a Ninja theme but a lack o’ a Pirate Theme available with the other new themes. It may e’en be enough t’ make one think that the Google Crew is pro-Ninja.

As ye may be aware, the' battle between Pirates and Ninjas be still bein' waged. While we understand that thar be individuals that will pick sides, we caution ye t' be careful which side ye choose. While the question o' who be better, Pirates or Ninjas, be not easily answered, we hope that ye will understand that leavin' Pirates out o' yer theme choices be a grave business mistake.

Not only have Pirates been around longer than Ninjas (thar have been pirates since the first person built the first boat), Pirates be far more commercially successful than Ninjas. Take, for example, the recent success o' a certain group o' movin' pictures. These stories followed the' legends o' me brethren in the' Caribbean and were such a success we have had trouble with the' sheer number o' impersonators.

When was the last time thar was such a successful Ninja movin’ picture? Let alone three. Ninjas only be havin’ a few teenaged turtles that talk. In our opinion, turtles are good fer nothin’ but soup.

Yar, while Ninjas be admittedly good at hidin', a Pirate has no need t' skulk around in the shadows. We be open about our business and people fear us enough t' surrender merely upon the sight o' our flags upon the horizon. This, me buckos, be true intimidation.

We implore you t' end this discrimination immediately. The Pirates be demandin' thar own theme as well. We think we’ve made more than enough o' an argument t' prove our deservedness. We thank you in advance for your consideration and hope that when we pass you in the street we’ll be able t' give you a buckoly “Ahoy Mate!”.

The wind be always in yer sails,

(Pirates Against Ninja SupremacY)

Google has made a grave error in the new themes that they offer. They've designed a ninja theme...but no pirate theme.

That hurts Google...that really hurts.


Don't Forget to Vote!

With a title like that you're probably expecting this post to be all about the upcoming presidential election right? However, seeing as how most of us are completely sick and tired of this election season, I will not be subjecting you to any political machinations.

Instead, I intend to utilize this space for a purely selfish cause that involves voting for a completely different reason.

I meant to post earlier (like before the contest was over) about voting for Kristi's portrait. But I never got around to it. Ah well. Sorry Kristi. It's still a great pic of you!

But speaking of contests, I threw another photo in the mix for a different contest. No opinion poll this time...I just entered in one of my favorite photos. Not everyone is going to like it but hey that's art right? Heh. I have SUCH a hard time calling my snapshots 'art'. Seems so pretentious doesn't it? As if I really know what I'm doing here? I mean, what really makes art art anyway? Besides, can you even tell what it is? Heh, I love this photo but I also took it...so I know what it is. I have NO idea if it's that clear to anyone else. (and...remember how much I love motion blur? so I'm a sucker for this photo)

Since it IS election week and you're already geared up to vote, up there in the right column is a link to vote for my photo. There are a TON of really fabulous photos if you would rather just go take a look around. (I think you have to click the 'join the contest' button to see them) Go on, click the link and be amazed by some pretty talented amateur photographers. (oh...did I not mention that this contest is restricted to true amateurs? Heh...not that it gives me a better shot at winning anything)

As for me, I will continue to frequent the site and try to learn as much as I can. My photos have improved greatly just over the last couple of years. And ultimately, I just do this because I enjoy it. Not because I actually know what I'm doing. It's one of my favorite hobbies. In the next couple of days I'll share some fall pictures with you. The colors this year have been incredible. Here's a little preview.

And yes. I am fully aware that I have not yet posted the photos from Oregon. Hey, I'll get around to it.