Who'da Thunk?

I have begun a new adventure in sewing. I just hope I've begun early enough. I refuse to have more 14 hour sewing days...

Here's to hoping that this project won't be quite as difficult. So, what am I working on you ask?

Horse costuming.

No no! Don't adjust your monitor. You read that right. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be constructing a caparison. Call it what you will; caparison, trappings, barding, it's quite the project.

Here's a picture of a caparison...of course it's nothing like what I'll be constructing. I'm going for something WAY more simple. Maybe I'll figure out the scanner on this thing at some point and scan my design. Anyway, this is a form of a caparison.

They can be very elaborate (as shown here) or very simple. I'll be working on a design that's somewhere in the middle.

The funniest part about all of this is that back in the day, when I used to watch THESE guys joust, I never figured I would be one of the girlfriends that constructed some of this stuff!

I mean, after all, I was warned to stay away from "those jouster types". Heh...


Kristi said...

Um, holy cow. That IS a project!! Would love to see the design, although I bet I don't have to guess too hard at the colors.. ;)

And you're doing this AND that crochet project you showed me??

I'm ordering a new project myself, we'll get together sometime to sew. Like old grannies. Heehee! :)

Tracie said...

Oh no, the crochet project won't even be started until sometime after faire season. I'll be far too busy with this and the SECOND caparison I need to make (just found out about that tonight!) Heh.