When I first set out to do this post, my original intention was to do one similar to the silver post. I figured it would only be appropriate. I mean, gold is kind of opposite of silver right?

(I've always thought they were mortal enemies...but hey. That's just me)

So while mulling this around in my head, instead of working, I looked over at the hell beast. She was lying in the sun all sleepy-eyed and I realized...Holy Turtles she's got pretty gold eyes!

In typical cat fashion, her eyes change color a bit. But primarily, they're gold.

This got me realizing. There is another in my life that has color-changing eyes.

Pandora's eyes are usually either gold or green. They match my light green quilt perfectly when she is laying on it.

All this realizing made me realize something else.

Thats right. It made me realize I should lay off the cheesy Photoshop techniques.


Stephanie said...

Ooh! That last one makes it look like you are in prison! Uh, a prison for people with very pretty eyes, that is.

(And you would *have* to photoshop my eyes to get them to look decent. They're quite brown-ish. Yeah - they don't even qualify as a real color.)

~stacey~ said...

Nicely done!

Kristi said...

Awesome. Your eyes are sort of a golden brown... :)

Larry said...

I'm going to have nightmares about that last picture.

Like something out of X-Files.

Kristen said...

Your eyes are nearly that color though.