Once again, I'm behind.

Silver is a tough one. I tried and tried to come up with something Silver that was important to me. Yeah yeah, several of you assumed I would do jewelry but I've already POSTED about the stuff I made in my metalsmithing class so long ago. And I certainly haven't done any MORE of that recently.

As I sat and looked around my house for inspiration, I began to realize that silver is so...utilitarian! There are TONS of things around the house that are silver. There was only one problem. It was after dark and I HATE the on-board flash on my camera. It washes things out something fierce! Often to where I can't repair them with my limited Photoshop skills.

BUT! I had been looking for a good excuse to try this (ok, you're right, I don't need an excuse to TRY it...just an excuse to use the time to fiddle with it). It didn't work quite as well as I would have liked but it did improve things significantly.

So. On to all things silver! Er...at least, in my house.

First up was the test shot with the film canister diffuser. As I happened to catch two...count them TWO!...silver objects in the shot, it's included by default. Those are scissors and an X-Acto knife for you craft impaired people.

Next is the ladder (thanks Mom!) I used as a 'tripod' when I took these photos.

As I wandered past the ladder I caught a glimpse of these in the bathroom.

There wasn't really anywhere to go from there, so I headed towards the kitchen. On the way, I passed the old desktop computer. This is the old broken down mouse that doesn't work right.

The left button performs the function the right button should and the right button doesn't do anything at all.

The wheel still opens links in a background tab though!

I found this on my fridge. Who in the heck is Bruce?

Just kidding. This clip came from an old place of employment and this clip used to hold jobs for Bruce.

Now it just holds my butter recipes. And a Cracker Jacks prize.

There is my silver accented coffee pot. (thanks Mom!)

Eww. I really need to wipe the waterspots off the top of that. And NO! That is NOT a wine bottle hiding back there. Really. What are you trying to suggest?

And next to the silver coffee pot is a high window.

In that high window sits the pepper shaker.

WHY is it there? Pshaw. I certainly have no idea!

The kitchen holds such a myriad of silver items. Here is my deadbolt. It does not turn in the direction one would think a deadbolt should turn.

Took me a year to get used to that...

Of course there is a silver item nearly everyone has in their kitchen.

No. Besides the silverware.

You shouldn't ever be caught without it.

That and toilet paper. But I digress. What else can I find around here that's silver?

Oh look! There's the salt shaker!

Oh. Oh my. Do you see what's next to it?

No, not the Karo syrup! On the LEFT side of the salt. That's the fancy shmancy disposable pepper grinder.

Shallow salt shaker. Only hanging with the pretty condiments.

Moving right along, here is the lawn chair that Jeremy left behind after the Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.

Hey Jeremy! Finders keepers!

Oh! I almost forgot!

It was hiding here in the corner. THIS is certainly a (mostly) silver object that is meaningful to me! (Again...thanks Mom!)

Seriously. Have any of YOUR moms ever bought YOU a sword? Huh?

Alright. Since I could go on forever like this (there are a TON of silver items in your house when you start looking!) I'll give you just one last picture.

I use this more and more frequently. It's my grandmother's sewing machine that my Mom lugged all the way from Oregon for me. (Once AGAIN...thanks Mom!)

I think I should have named this post "Things my Mom has given me".


~stacey~ said...

Great post!
Our deadbolt in our apartment turns the correct way, but to UNlock the security door to the building, you turn it to the left - how you would normally turn it to lock.

Larry said...

Too. Much. Silver.

Hurting. My. Eyes.

Dirty Gypsy said...

I want to learn how to use two of those things. I'll leave it up to you to come up with which two.

Kristi said...

Great perspective on those shots!!

Mmmm... Karo syrup. :)

jjbandit said...

Somebody doesn't have enough to do. How do you have time to take so many pictures?!