As you may have noticed, I'm nearly a week late on this post.

Last Wednesday I blissfully posted my pictures from the lunar eclipse and went on my merry way. The very next day I was alerted to the fact that the next color on the list was black.

Seriously!? I just posted all those great nighttime pictures a DAY BEFORE the color posting day AND didn't title it 'BLACK'? Brilliant.

Steph suggested I scurry back and re-title it but you know...I just couldn't do it. I figured those pics deserved a better title than 'BLACK'. So. Now that we have seen how unobservant I am...on to the actual color post.

There were many things I could have written about here. Black is an important color to me. Much of my wardrobe is black, my camera and camera bag are black, my cat is black, one of my favorite/most frustrating horses growing up was black...seriously, I could go on forever here.

I also thought about writing about how black is a truly misunderstood color. I thought you might be interested in the science of black. It's always bothered me that people assume that black is the 'absence of light' when it really is ABSORBING the entire spectrum. So in reality, since black absorbs light, it's really FULL of light where as the color WHITE would be an absence of light. Makes you think about the traditional meanings of color doesn't it? But, since your eyes are already glassing over, I won't write about the science of the color black.

Instead, I'm going to show you one of the most important black objects in my life.

Here you see my car. My lovely wonderful car. This car was the car that I had my first (and only) accident in; it's the car that goes through starters like a four year old goes through Lucky Charms; and it's the car that functions not only as transportation but as a personal storage space, closet, and food pantry. This car has been with me for...five years I think?

Oh how I love snow. It hides a multitude of sins. Here are the things you DON'T see in this picture:

  1. The dent on the rear quarter panel from where I scraped a pesky telephone pole while trying to be nice to a girl that was looking for a parking spot the night before Mardi Gras three years ago.

  2. The dent and gouge in the back where I mowed over a dumpster that had the audacity to jump right behind my car just as I was backing out.

  3. The missing plastic thingy that goes right behind the front driver's side tire that fell off sometime in the last three weeks.

  4. The various orange peels, chip bags, soda cans, and random pieces of mail littering the floorboards and back seat.

  5. The giant crack in the windshield that I've had since February of '03. Or was it '02? How do you normal people keep track of what years certain things happened? I have no sense of normal time passage.

  6. The general unwashed state of the car. I won't lie. It's filthy. But hey, think of it this way. You can write all those cute and clever messages on it like "Wash Me" and "Ridin' Dirty" and...wait. Those aren't cute OR clever. So knock it off.

Anyway, there are a few of the things you DON'T see in that picture up there. But something you DO see?? All that snow!

That's right my friends. I moved to Canada! Check it out!

That's a Canadian solar powered traffic signal changer. Those Canadians! They're so eco-friendly!

And that's obviously a Canadian truck. Parked on the side of a Canadian street. That was plowed by a Canadian plow.

And this is the Canadian road to my new Canadian house.

Isn't my new Canadian house just beautiful? It came with the snow. Free of charge. Cause we're in Canada.

And last, that's my new Canadian back porch.

What do you mean it looks like my back porch in St. Louis? And that that house looks nothing like mine? You're crazy.

This is SO Canada.


Stephanie said...

I have the strongest urge to tell the dorkiest "Canada" joke ever, but I won't.

~stacey~ said...

Dude. I totally posted about snow RIGHT BEFORE i read your blog.
ha ha
I PROMISE I didn't copy!
I love reading everyone's color blogs, though I seem to be behind or something...

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I've never been in an accident, knock on wood, though my RED mustang is sporting:

- a nice group of scratches on the front right bumper from a time I tried to park unnecessarily close to the garage.

- a busted lock on the driver's side door; it's jacked up because some hoodlum broke into my car ... twice within six weeks (thanks for stealing my owner's manual, jerks).

- a nice white stain in the middle of the driver's seat because I couldn't wait five minutes to get home and finish my Ted Drewe's.

- I'm also missing that little plastic mustang symbol off the front grill.

- And my tires are bald.

Tracie said...

LOL! They stole your OWNER'S MANUAL!

That's just crazy!

I also can't wait to eat my Ted Drewe's. I think it would be a crime if you DID wait.

But hey...that's just me. :)