Upon a hilltop in a land
of Rainbow colors out of hand,
there lived a stone of little hue,
he wasn't red or green or blue.

In this land of multi-tone
unhappy was this little stone.
The reason for this you shall see
was that he thought he was ugly.

The other stones were bright and gay
lighthearted in the games they play,
the lonely stone was left alone
his name even was quite unknown.

Like sparkling jewels among the sand,
or diamond rings upon your hand,
shone all these stones of brilliant sheen,
the red and yellow, blue and green.

And trapped within this land of cheer,
he tried to hold back just one tear.
The reason that he was so down,
his color was a boring brown.

In younger days he tried to play,
with even just the stones of grey.
He looked for friendship joy and love
and something to be a part of.

They told him not to come around,
for no one liked his boring brown.
With weighty heart and heavy sigh,
he chose to let life slide on by.

For years and years he sat so still
that no one saw him on his hill,
and though his spirit seemed to break
there'd come a day when he would wake.

The years of sun revealed a glow,
new colors that began to show.
Copper, bronze, and even gold
were there like treasure to behold.

No longer was he plain and round,
a change had happened on the ground.
The wind and rain and Divine art
had shaped him to a lovely heart.

And this, my love, is how I found
a lovely stone so bronzed and brown,
no longer lonely now you see
because I brought him home with me.

Of all the stones within that land
no other did I take to hand.
The brown one was no doubt my prize,
the brilliant color of your eyes.


M said...

Stumbled in and just wanted to say hi. I appreciate the color brown. Thanks

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Larry said...

Now that was cool. I liked it.

Kristi said...

So sweet!!! :)

m said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, it was hilarious!

You're always welcome to tell me about your day in seven words! Have a great day.

Stephanie said...

Awww! Great post. Loved it. :)

Kristi said...

I want to know if you wrote that, or quoted it from somewhere.

Tracie said...

I wrote it. And did the illustrations too...