This post deserves no title.

In the midst of Pirate Fest...how about some randomness for you. It's been a while since I've been random.

Stop it. Yes it has been.

HEY! I. Said. Shut it.


Spent a few days in KC a couple weeks ago. Remember how I said I was taking my camera everywhere I went now? Uh yeah. Well, I guess that just means to work and the wineries.

Stopped by Les Bourgeois on the way home. It was a beautiful evening.

I just couldn't seem to drag the camera out all weekend.

But the vineyards were so pretty in the setting sun.

Not that I was really able to capture it very well here. Photography class anyone?

Oop. There I go with the photoshop again.

So, next bit of randomness.

Take a look at what I did the other day. Can you tell what it is?

No, it's not a medieval torture device.

Here's a little bit more of a clue.

I taught myself how to knit with double pointed needles the other day. I had some time to kill at lunch.

Seems I have a lot of time to kill on this job. Or at least more time to kill on any other job I've had. My boss likes to give me 'jobs' to do that only seem to require me to sit and watch the real workers do their thing.

So this is how I pass the time. It's very constructive of me.

And, for the last bit of randomness, because I can't leave you with all that structured nonsense up there, here are a couple of photos that have no relevance to each other whatsoever. Wow. 'Whatsoever' actually doesn't trigger the spell check. Who knew?

Most of these have been shown on this site before...in one form or another.

They've all just been slightly more modified this time around.

Ok. Some more than just 'slightly'.

Leave me alone. I'm going to go nurse my Photoshop addiction now.

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Kristi said...

I LOVE Les Bourgeois! Glad you got a chance to stop by. :)

And the photography is amazing, as usual. :)