I need your help.

*Update* - I know I do this site for my own enjoyment and don't attempt heavy traffic here, but seriously? Only 7 votes? I KNOW there have been about 5 times that many people here in the last two days. To those of you that have voted, thank you. I know you are the few that are actually here on purpose. To the rest of you that have stumbled here, whether by accident or because you were just that bored, I welcome your opinions too! Please help me out by clicking one of the options. I swear it doesn't hurt.

Alright guys. There may be a contest going on over at Photrade. And I may be thinking about entering it.

Now I know for a fact that there have been over 1000 entries since just the other day. I'm sure by the end of it there will be more than 2000. I also know that with all the other talented photographers out there that would love to get their hands on this sweet prize, my chance of winning is slim to none. I would bet for me to even get noticed my image would have to really resonate with one of the judges for some reason. But hey, I've got to start somewhere.

ANYWAY. The point of this post is not to convince myself how amateur I am. The point of this post IS to gain your help. I need to know what image appeals the most to YOU.

If you'll kindly look over there to your right, (your other right Larry) you'll find a nice little poll. You don't have to leave a comment (unless it's to tell me to get over myself and that I shouldn't be entering a photo contest)...all you have to do is click the name that corresponds with the portrait you like best.

If the poll breaks for some reason you can leave a comment. Even anonymously if you really want to. So. Some of these you have seen, and some of them you haven't. They are, in my opinion, the best portraits I've taken. Do with that what you will. On with the pictures.

In no particular order*:

1. Ben

2. Kristen

3. Kristi

4. Mia

5. Preston

6. Rico

7. Steph

Alright folks! My success fully depends on you and your choice of the entry portrait! (see how I turned that around there?)

Thank you for your input. Your opinion matters greatly to us.

*actually, I just discovered that there IS a particular order. It's called alphabetical. And I so totally meant to do that.

Yes I did.


Larry said...

I'm voting for Mia, but Preston, in his "Easy Rider" meets "The Birdcage" look, is a close second.

Hehehe: word verification = fargop

Tracie said...

Larry...was the poll broken or just your brain?


And you hush. I LOVE that pic of Preston. Don't make me bust your kneecaps.

Kristi said...

I voted Mia because I think it has the most likely chances of advancing far in a portrait contest, because who doesn't love a laughing little kid missing two front teeth?? I seriously do love the portraits of Kristen and Steph though, but I know them well enough to appreciate the snapshot. :)

Stephanie said...

I voted for Rico's shot. I also love that pic of Preston, but it seemed grainier and I like the sharp focus on the shot of Rico. But still - those photos are all great.

Word Verification: hydra Weird....

Joan said...

I voted for Kristi because it has a Mona-Lisa-ish quality of mystery to it. She could be on the verge of a smile or a smirk, or hating you fiercely for taking her picture. I like the background of another person smiling/laughing, as well as the hint of a wine glass in the bottom right corner. It gives the feeling of intimacy even in a crowd.

I like the Mia and Preston shots, too, but there's something in each that I found distracting. In Mia's it's the additional furniture in the foreground and in Preston's it's the silly cup in his hand. I'm weird, I know. :-P

Tracie said...

Thank you guys! Your reasons for what you chose are very helpful for me.

Steph, I understand what you mean about the Preston shot. I knew that for most people they would either love it or hate it...I LOVE the style of it but it's not for everyone.

Joan, I COMPLETELY agree with you on the Mia shot. It's the main reason that it is my least favorite shot out of all of these. It was not well composed from the get-go and I don't think I'll ever be 100% happy with it.


Kristi said...

I changed my vote because I felt sorta bad... my reasons I gave were lame. I should vote on the one that *I* personally think is best. And I like how Steph is not looking at the camera, like the picture could've been taken without her knowledge, sorta unplanned. So there. :)

Stephanie said...

Kristi - You can tell the pic was taken w/o my knowledge because MOST pics of me are taken that way, but also because I'm not making a face, which is what I tend to do when I KNOW someone is taking my picture. Heh. :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Kristi. I think the light play on her face and hair in contrast to the out of focus person behind her really draws the viewer in.
Co-Bin (still shooting film after all these years)