No Laughing Matter

Dear Coca-Cola,

When redesigning a product, it is wise to test said product before releasing it to the general public. Your new 20 oz. bottle design is severely lacking when it comes to one very important function.

Opening it.

The new cap design is shorter and smoother. Thus, it is very difficult to get the proper torque needed. And for those of us with handicaps (hey, I broke my wrist and it's never been the same), your new design is more than just frustrating.

It causes a Coke related emergency.

I'm not playin' around here. This is serious business.

Please don't make me do this again.


A Frustrated Coke Drinker


Anonymous said...


Your posted pic remind me of most of my 2 litre bottles and milk containers. They endure a slash or 2 from my Katana sword (for the fun of it) before hitting the recycling bin.


Kristen said...

Heh. Sucky.

Kristi said...

Hey, when you want a Coke, you want a Coke...

turkeygirl16 said...

I agree! And I love your illustration of how to solve the problem. If I weren't so incredibly addicted to my diet coke, I just might boycott. I really hate redesigning for the cool factor and completely forgetting about function. Neither of my grandmothers (both with arthritis) can open a bottle anymore, whereas they sometimes could with the old caps.

Joan said...

My dad never had trouble opening his 6 or so 20-oz bottles of Diet Coke every day, but he had exactly the same problem with the redesigned version. Fortunately, I was there to rescue him from having to resort to the desperate measures you had to! (He probably managed to loosen it a little, and then I finished it off.)