Quick Preview

I've been pestered by a few of you to update my blog recently.

And instead of my standard answer of "GET OFF MY BACK I'M BUSY!", I've decided to be generous and giving and selfless and...

WAIT! Come back! Sheesh...no sense of humor.

Anyway, among all the faire stuffs and vacation stuffs and work stuffs over these past several months, I managed to find time to photograph Kristen and her fiance Tim. They called them "Engagement Photos"...I called them "Hey can I practice on you two?".

Here is a very brief preview of the photos I took of them in Tower Grove Park this April.

Hopefully a few more will be on the smugmug site soon.

And by soon I mean "by the end of the year".

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Kristi said...

Wow. That last one is just stunning. I love the second one too. They are so CUTE!!!! :)