There IS an explanation

Now that the craziness that is Faire has subsided temporarily, I had the time to go through a few old photos. I hope to get a Disney World post up sometime soon, but until then, here are some fun pictures that my mom insisted I take.

See, my mom is hilarious. She doesn't just send easter baskets to me...Kristen, Kristi, and Stephanie get one too. This year she sent us some of the best easter baskets I've seen. Sure, they were cute little bunnies. But they were cute little bunnies that we could color!

Yes. We're 7.

Along with the baskets, she sent us all bunny ears. And mom wanted pictures.

Now...a normal person would do this activity in the privacy of her (or her friends) own home. But, as you all know, normalcy is not something I bother with. That and the fact that I was REALLY busy. So, since everyone was getting together at Riley's one evening I figured it was the perfect time to break out the easter baskets.

The following is pictorial evidence of the silliness that ensued.
*disclaimer: I hate flash. Hate it hate it. But in a dimly lit bar, it's a bit of a necessity. I apologize in advance for the poor lighting.

This is the main cast of characters. Rico did a great job as stunt double for me.

So, they couldn't hold that serious pose for very long. They were cute for trying though.

Rico and I did the ol' switcheroo so mom wouldn't yell at me for not getting a picture of myself in the bunny ears. We really don't want mom to yell...

So, before getting down to business...

...we had to get some beers in us. It's really the only way to properly wear bunny ears in a bar.

I have a cuter pic of Steph than this one, but she would kill me if I posted it here. Seriously. Kill. Me. So, you get the more typical Steph pic instead.

Then we got down to business.

Yep. That's right. We were sitting in a bar, with bunny ears on (significantly after Easter if I might add),coloring our bunny easter baskets.

Rico and I shared...

...so we could take turns on the camera again.

Luckily only minor injuries were sustained.

And then the finished products were reveled. I think Steph has some issues she needs help working out. Any volunteers?

Can you believe I didn't get a picture of Rico/My finished bunny? Sorry mom.

And while we were all having fun with our ears and our markers, Preston joined us on a break from playing music. See how thrilled he was to put on the bunny ears?

Psst. Don't let him fool you. THIS is more like it.

Just don't tell him I posted that picture. Or he's going to kick my butt.

HAHAHAHA...haha...Uh...ehem. I'm sorry, *snicker*, I just can't be frightened of that!

Maybe THIS.

But not that.


Kristi said...

Hilarious!!! I don't know why the trend of coloring in bars while having a beer doesn't catch on more... :)

Kristen said...

OMG that is SOOOO hilarious. The pictures are GREAT. And your story telling sublime. That is like the best pic of Preston EVAR! (The last one)