What the heck is that thing?!



That, my friends, is me dressed as a Pirate Fairy. No, not a Fairy Pirate...that's something entirely different. A Pirate Fairy is one of the most feared fairies in all the....uh yeah. The wings are giving me away aren't they.

In all seriousness, while this costume pushed me into behaviors entirely unfamiliar to me, it was really a lot of fun. The kids LOVED it and everyone loved the wings.

Yep, they're made to look like sails. Preston's idea. Brilliant.

Thanks Dee for forwarding these pictures to me. If I get around to asking others for copies of the ones they took I may post more.

In the meantime...YAR! (umm...can someone help me get this glitter off?!!)

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Larry said...

Fairy pirate. hehehehehehehe