Grant's Farm

A few weeks ago we visited Grant's Farm. With the Impending Doom...er...I mean InBev buyout, I wonder if Grant's Farm will remain.

I would be sad if it didn't. Look at the fun we had! (and I somehow managed to not take pictures of the fun BEER we drank)

First of all, my favorite thing to do (besides the free beer of course) is feed the goats. I convinced Preston to join me and these are the results.

He seemed to attract quite an unruly bunch of goats.

I, on the other hand, managed my goats with grace and ease...

Wait a second. What's that goat doing!?

Feasting on my camera bag!?! Back you evil goats!

Yipe!! Mayday mayday!

Whew! I think we barely made it out intact. Those suckers are ruthless!

Maybe they should take the InBev folks to Grant's Farm and lock them in the goat pen for a few hours. It just might change their minds...


Joan said...

I love feeding the goats! I've only been once, but it was so much fun! I even managed to get one little baby that had gotten caught in the "exit" gates, in the hot sun, back into the regular pen. I guess it's the mommy instinct in me. :-P

Kristi said...

They're so adorable!!

I believe InBev wants to keep all the breweries and attractions open, so Grant's Farm should be fine. Because I think they'd be RUN OUT OF TOWN if they didn't.