Where the Wild West Is Still Alive

When thinking of vacation places so many folks tend to imagine tropical beaches, quaint European villages, and a myriad of other exotic locations. But how many of us have really seen all the U.S. has to offer?

I've been to a good many states but truthfully? Most of the time I was just drivin' on through. I've only been to a few states/cities where I took the time to check out the sites.

Recently we spent some time in Fort Worth. Texas is such an...interesting...place. Heh. I mean, it WAS a country of it's own at one time. And I think more than a handful of Texans still have a bit of that mindset. But...I digress. On with the pictures. These are a representation of one of our days in Fort Worth.

Preston's stint as a cowboy was short lived.
(I couldn't get him to stay behind the cutout for more than two pictures)

The cutout was located in a part of the Fort Worth Stockyards. Pretty facinating place. If you look closely at the left side of the above picture, you'll see the train tracks that run down the middle of the building. It's where they used to sell off the sheep and hogs.

I thought to myself, "Wow! It would be so cool if they still had a train come through here!".

This was a pretty cool train. You could ride from Grapevine, TX down to the Stockyards in Fort Worth and back again. Looked like uber fun!

After watching the train pull through a building full of people (there were no guardrails or ropes to hold someone back) we stepped outside to see what other dangers we might encounter in the scary land of Texas.

What the!?

That's right folks. They're longhorns. Being herded down a street packed with parked cars and people.

What do you think would happen if they decided to stampede? Yikes.

Moving on...we then decided to see a Wild West show that was billed as a reenactment of the old Pawnee Bill show. Umm...not quite. But it was still very entertaining!

Here is "Pawnee Bill" riding on two horses around the ring.

Have I mentioned that I love motion blur? Yeah yeah...I know I said I love lens flares...but I love motion blur almost as much.

This guy was shooting at that balloon behind him. Using a mirror.

Pawnee Bill is back with some fancy whip work.

He missed the first time but came back around and got it the second.

And if the guys weren't daredevil enough for you...check out THIS lady!

So we enjoyed the show and made our way out of the arena back into the hot sun. Feeling tired and thirsty we headed into downtown Fort Worth to visit the Flying Saucer. (I didn't think to take pictures of this)

We passed by the Bass Performance Hall on the way.

Yep. All of my angel shots were grossly underexposed. Which is why the lighting in that picture above looks so weird. My Photoshop skills only go so far.

Speaking of Photoshop. I leave you with a portrait. This woman fascinated me and and I wish I had her job.

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Kristi said...

I want to ride on the train!

Great pictures, as always!!