Where we take a trip below the surface

Funny thing. I was going through some photos and realized I never posted about an attraction we went to in Dallas last February.

The Dallas World Aquarium is a fantastic little place. It doesn't look very big from the outside but holy turtles does it pack the features in!

Today we will visit the water creatures. And I might throw a few other random photos in. Maybe.

Tomorrow (AKA the next time I post) will be creatures that live above the surface.

First up on our undersea adventure are some of the smallest creatures.

Yay for coral! Unless you're walking across it barefoot. Ooh! And can you see what's living amongst the coral?

That's right! A giant clam. The largest species of mollusk. Did you know there are some people that are afraid of them because they think if they get close to one it'll clamp down on an arm or leg and drown them? I can't make this stuff up people.

Next we'll visit a fantastical creature that looks as though it's straight out of a fantasy novel.

This, my friends, is a slightly out of focus beautiful Leafy Sea Dragon. Like the seahorses they're related to, the Leafy Sea Dragon reproduces in an unusual way. It's the MALE of the species that becomes 'pregnant' and houses the eggs in his tail until they are ready to hatch. What a dad!

And speaking of seahorses...

I love seahorses.

You know what else I love? Cuttlefish.

Like some other creatures, these can change color very quickly. It's like watching liquid color. Mesmerizing.

This little guy was sittin' here minding his own business, colors playing across the surface of his (or her...I really can't tell) skin, when a big ol' mean fish swam up. I didn't get the fish, but I got his reaction.

He was pissed! Just look at that color change.

Next we move on to the larger animals. Mr. Turtle says "HI!".

And now on to a face that only a mother could love.

Woah! Did you see that monster fish!? Yee Gads! That thing looks almost as big as the manatee!

All right, maybe not THAT big.

Well, my fingers and toes are all pruney from our oceanic trip. It's time to wave goodbye to the fishes (and mammals, and reptiles, and polyps, and mollusks, and...well you get the idea).

Join us next time for a journey above the sea!

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Kristi said...

Yee gads! Holy Turtles! You're cute. :)

That leafy seahorse is AWESOME. It does look like something out of an underwater fantasy.

Yay for fishies!