Disney Is...

...the place where all your dreams come true. Right? It is if your dreams include getting a horribly nasty sickness (I don't know what I had) while you visit. Luckily, my mom was there to take care of me. I sure as heck wasn't going to stay in the room on my 30th birthday trip. So mom drugged me up and off we went. My lovely hacking cough was quite handy in keeping people away from me.

However. The side effect was that I really didn't feel like taking a bunch of pictures. I got a few. And these are them.

We'll start with Epcot. This is, hands down, my favorite place in the Disney World Complex.

All of these photos were taken at the Japanese Pavilion in the very back of the park.

I loved that when I took my camera out to shoot this, I suddenly had 15 people whip their point-and-shoot cameras out to try and capture the same image. Yep. I'm a leader. Little did they know I would be using Photoshop to re-create how it looked to the naked eye. Oh, and to get rid of the hair that was on my lens. (though I didn't do such a great job of that...)

Next, we move to Animal Kingdom. I was feeling better this day, yet still didn't take a lot of photos. The place was packed. It was a bit too much of a hassle.

These were taken on the "Safari". It's actually a pretty nice animal park and I enjoy seeing the animals in an environment that looks much more natural.

The "Safari" guides are of course humorous. They're scripted that way. But I don't think he bargained for my mom to play along as well as she did. She was all kinds of ready to become his official navigator.

You really do have to hand it to Disney. They do a spectacular job creating amazing realism in everything they do. (I'm pretty sure these trees were concrete but look close and you'll see the bird that just may have been fooled too)

These guys were awful cute. Talk about effective camouflage too! Just lay down and you look like a rock!

The third and final place we'll be visiting today is MGM Studios. Er, pardon me, Disney's Hollywood Studios. I guess they can't use the 'MGM' name any longer.

The only thing I photographed here was a stunt show. Have I mentioned in the past that I really want to learn to drive like this?

Anyway. The premise was that they were shooting a film and they were going to show you how some of the driving stunts were done. The red car is the 'Hero' car and the black cars are the 'Villains'.

The stunts really were quite impressive. These guys could drive!

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that had there been a volunteer portion of this show...I would have thrown myself down there. It would have been embarrassing how quickly I would have shoved the little kids out of the way.

But totally worth it.

Uh...as long as I didn't have that guys job.


Kristi said...

I ALREADY drive like that! hehe.

The Chinese temple picture is Photoshopped? Well, looks pretty good anyways... :)

Larry said...

Damn, the one stunt I'd like to see you perform, the "die in a fire" stunt. :P

I kid.