Cleaning out the old hard drive

Many of you know that back in the day I used to write this blog on an old Compaq laptop. Most of you also know that the old Compaq, workhorse that it was, finally gave out on me after over seven years of service. A few of you know that I removed the hard drive, which was only about a year old at that point, so that I could get the info off and use it as backup storage.

However, we all know that many of my "projects" don't come to fruition in what would be considered a reasonable amount of time. I have far too many other "projects" getting in the way. I've had a new computer for over a year and after one failed attempt at hooking up the old hard drive it sat collecting dust.

Until yesterday.

I finally hooked that bad boy up and started to explore. Most of what I wanted was in the "My Documents" folder.

Me: click click

Hard Drive: "Access Denied"

Me: No really. click click

HD: "Folder is not accessible. Access is Denied"

Me: Ehem. Hard drive? This is my My Documents folder. Really. click click

HD: "You do not have permission to access this folder. Access Denied."

Me: PERMISSION!? It's MY folder! Who are you to give and take permission Hard Drive?? CLICK. CLICK.

HD: maniacal laughter "You suck and shall never open these files ever again. Access Denied."

Me: Oh I don't THINK so! googles how to fix this problem AH HA! Those files are mine again! Take that stupid hard drive!

HD: "Our apologies great Master. Here are the files you requested."

So, I was successful in retrieving the files after a little work. What I'll be sharing with YOU over the next couple of days are a few pictures I found. And in order to celebrate that IMMENSE level of geekyness I just spewed, here are some camera phone pics I took of all of us enjoying some lightsabers.

That's right. I said lightsabers.

Hey Co-Bin, thanks for letting us be HUGE nerds and play with your toys.

What. It's not like any of you are SURPRISED or anything.

Anywhoo. Moving along. I also found a few pictures from a trip my parents made out here to St. Louis. We visited Grant's Farm and the Botanical Gardens. (we did other stuff too but I guess I only took pictures of these two events)

And then someone captured a picture of me at the Gardens. I think it may have been Kristi.

So I had to get her back. Here she is headin' out west!

And because I'm the photographer, they all have to listen to me when I go "SHEEP!!".

Stay tuned! Up next are more embarrassing photos! There are several years worth of Halloween pictures that were found...so if you've partied with me on my favorite holiday you are not safe.

Steph...just stop reading now. Don't ever come back to this site again.


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Kristi said...

I'm not sure I want to either... :)