I've been looking for these!

I went on a hunt for some of these photos from 2006 today. I thought I had posted them here but I certainly can't find them.

So here are a few of my shots from our trip to Oregon in 2006. As you'll see, they are from a lighthouse we visited.

This is not the lighthouse.

Not to be confusing or anything.

Anyway. Here is the inside of the lighthouse.

How would you like to see the inside of a Fresnel Lens?

And here is the side of that lens.

Guess what these are for? And check out how old they are!

Yup. They're for letting light into the lower levels of the lighthouse. Kinda nifty!

And now for the TRIVIA! Can anyone tell me what they're called? First person with the correct name for these cool little gadgets gets a pat on the back from me!

Thus concludes our mini tour of some lighthouse in Oregon that I can't remember the name of...carry on.


Kristi said...

It was the Yaquina Head Lighthouse... the tallest in Oregon at 93 feet. Another fun piece of trivia: It is the lighthouse that was used in the movie "The Ring," in the far shots.

The first picture is probably of the Umqua River Lighthouse, as best as I could find.

Aren't you glad you keep me around to know these things? Hehe. :)

Kristi said...

Oh and I don't remember what those gadgets were called. Not like I was THERE or anything... :)

Tracie said...

Oooh...it was the lighthouse used in The Ring? That scary movie that I've never seen? LOL.

And that first pic is actually Heceta Head Lighthouse. I remember my grandmother telling me that...but didn't remember that was it until I searched it. Check it out. http://www.hecetalighthouse.com/

And yes, I'm VERY glad that I keep you around to know these things! :)

Kristi said...

Oh, yep, you win. I will update the description in my photo album. :)

I did see "The Ring," last Halloween with my sister... yeah, it's scary, but the premise was sorta dumb. We watched "The Grudge" also, and it was also a lame premise with a lot of scary images. That's probably what makes up a lot of scary movies: stupid premises dressed up in a bunch of scary images of dead people.