This was going to be my "My Thanksgiving" post...

...but it's a little late. So it's going to be more of a "here are a couple of cool photos" or "why I need a fast lens" post instead.

Hope you don't mind. And if you do, in the words of The Amazing Stephanie, "Suck it up". (yes Steph, you can have that title forever and ever)

I was very blessed this year to be welcomed by The Wonderful Kristen (I'm all about titles today) and her family for Thanksgiving this year.

Here is example #1 for "why I need a fast lens". I hate flash. Hateithateithateithateit. But notice the fuzzy focus in this picture. How disappointing! Le sigh. Anyway, this picture really captured the mood of the whole weekend. FUN!

Example #2 for "why I need a fast lens". See the motion blur? My shutter has to be so slow to get these photos! Please ignore the bad focus too. The depth of field makes focusing SO difficult! (yes, this post will be rife with excuses...get used to it!) Heh. Anyway, what you see here is the family tradition of stealing the bits of turkey while it's being carved. Watch your fingers!

So the first decent shot in this post was taken by Kristen. I was helping unload a truck bed full of wood and decided it would be SO much more fun to ride than walk! She kindly shot this picture of me laughing my butt off.

Oh how I love my zoom lens!! There are some lovely bird feeders right outside 'the conservatory' at the house. I spent almost an hour one morning photographing the birds. This little guy looked like he was just waiting for me to take his picture.

Again with the zoom lens. And I SO did NOT mess with this in Photoshop! I did not! I DID NOT!! Everyone knows that when you photograph a cardinal the background is automatically black and white.

We spent an afternoon at the Festival of Trees. Doesn't this one look like it's glowing from the inside out!?

Again at the Festival of Trees. Kristen, you're such a natural! :)

Example #4 for "why I need a fast lens". The kids were so much fun to photograph, but how frustrating is it when you figure out your focus was just that smidge off? YARG! Still a cute photo...

This last photo did not come from my Thanksgiving weekend. But I wanted to include it since I love it so much. I happened across this rainbow while leaving work the other evening. It wasn't raining...it just looked like there was enough moisture in the clouds to set this thing off. Too bad it was already fading by the time I got my camera out.

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Kristi said...

Wow. Those are seriously amazing photos. You should enter a photo contest sometime. Especially with that cardinal photo and the rainbow photo. I mean. Wow. :)