Green is the color of...


That's right my friends. I said it. Last weekend I came down with the Plague of '08 and let me just tell you...it was not pretty. And I had the milder version than most people seem to be getting.

So. Since we all know that I don't like to do a post without pictures these days, I've included a few below. Check it out!

Ok. I'm kidding. Did you really think I was going to take a REAL picture of mucous?? Eww. That's gross.

Instead, here are a few pictures of some of the things I needed to get through a day of the plague.

Kleenex. Unarguably the most important item.

Why most important? Trust me. You really want these around for when you suddenly need to sneeze.


This stuff is completely necessary for your poor nose after all the above mentioned kleenexes. What's that? You thought it was for your lips? Well, if your lips need it too...please do us all a favor and use a different stick. Cause that's just nasty!


I don't take cold medicine. But my head was so clogged up by the third day of this thing...I had to do something! And I don't really know how old this stuff is...can you even buy it over the counter anymore??

Cough drops.

These were donated by a co-worker. Was she concerned for ME or just concerned my coughing would infect her??


I don't like orange juice. Period. BUT, I do like tangerine juice. And since I didn't have a lot of choices where I got this from...I figured a mix was ok. AND did you know that Juicy Juice is one of the only choices (and the ONLY one at the store I was at) that doesn't add high fructose corn syrup to their juice? AND I was going to cut it with this...

Diet 7-up.

This is my favoritest sick drink of all time. I drink peppermint tea too...but I love this stuff. I think it's because it's what my mom gave me when I was little. And it's the only way I'll drink orangy-type juice. Oh yeah. And it's green too.
*yes, that is the Christmas version of Diet 7-up. I guess the store I went to doesn't re-stock very often.


The fever was the part that made me feel the worst. Luckily I didn't have anything over 99.7. It was just enough to make me sluggish.

Affirmation Orange.

This is seriously my favorite. I bought these little beauts the other day, having no idea they would help raise my self esteem when I was sick and feeling nasty. But look at that!

Now, several weeks ago Steph told me that there was a very simple way to get rid of excess mucous. It's called a Neti Pot. Steph is crazy.

I think this guy has the right of it though.

So there you have it. Those were a few things I needed to get through a day at work while sick this week. Minus the Neti Pot crazy Steph. Oh...and do you want to know what else is green?

I know I promised I wouldn't post anymore pictures of my feet on this site. But I lied. Deal with it.

Besides, I had to! This is one of my favorite sock combinations. The argyle and stripe combo. And look! They're both mostly green today! (the stripes are green if you can't tell by the picture)

So that's it. Sorry if I grossed you out with the whole mucous thing. And the foot thing. Huh. It's interesting...there seems to be a lot more 'gross' stuff on this site lately. I promise I'll do better to make the next post pretty. Ok?



Stephanie said...

What a dumbass. He clearly didn't watch the first video. He didn't assume the proper position!

But I laughed - the music selection for the second video was genius.

Kristen said...

Could I possibly be grossed out by the streams of water and other such things coming out of people's noses?

Great post. Awesome.