You say Pancakes, I say Crepes

Most of you know that today is Fat Tuesday. And since it has been established that I am usually the last to know things, I'm going to assume that you also know that it's Pancake Day. But do you know WHY it's Pancake Day?

Shrove Tuesday, or otherwise know as Fat Tuesday to many others, is celebrated in several countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Canada. As it is the day before Ash Wednesday (and hence the beginning of Lent) people needed a way to get rid of the foods they wouldn't be eating over the next 40 days. What better way to get rid of butter, eggs, and sugar than making pancakes?

Ok, right about now I know Steph is scratching her head. She's saying to herself, "What the HECK is Tracie doing a post about pancakes for?!". You see, we've discussed how I don't like pancakes. She even made me cry when she called me a freak. It scarred me for life. Ok. Not really. But I did pout for a minute.

Well, I figured what better time than Pancake Day to make a pancake related confession? So. Deep breath. Here goes.

I like pancakes.

Whew! Oh man, I'm so glad to get that off my chest. Whats that? Didn't I just say I DON'T like pancakes? You want to know what the deal is?

When I say the word 'Pancake', what immediately comes to mind? It's probably these:

Most think of these fluffy buttermilk style pancakes...or flapjacks as some call them. You know the ones. My mom used to make them with Bisquick. Blech. A GOOD one is light and fluffy. A bad one is heavy and sticks to the roof of your mouth. They're the ones you have to drink a full glass of milk just to choke one down. You might as well forget the rest of the plate. I decided long ago that when presented with a choice, I'm a waffle girl. Nice golden crisp waffles. But I digress.

Now THESE...

...these make my heart sing. These can cure any ill. These can do away with world hunger. Or promote world peace. These could even stop global warming.

Ok. Maybe I'm getting a little carried away. But seriously. I love crepes. Or as mom used to call them, thin pancakes. I've also heard them referred to as Swedish pancakes, German pancakes, and Dutch pancakes. And of course there are many minor differences in each recipe and what toppings you can put in or on them.

So. I DO like pancakes. Just not American pancakes.

Oh, and another little tidbit for you. IHOP joins in on what THEY call 'National Pancake Day'. They'll give you a free short stack of pancakes and encourage you to donate to Children's Miracle Network. Of course, they didn't want to compete with Super Tuesday so they changed it to February 12th. Cause we here in America don't have to follow the rules! Yeah, uh...so...

Anyone wanna go for some free flapjacks? Course...I won't be eating them. Even when they're free I just can't do it. But I'll have me some Swedish pancakes. Who's in?


Kristi said...

MAN I would love to get in on some of that pancake action... I wonder if they still have pumpkin pancakes... :)

But most likely, I will be working too much to have a chance to go. :(

Kristen said...

You're funny.
We need to get you some crepes, since they cure every ill and all.

Stephanie said...

Seriously, what is WRONG with you?


Larry said...

Steph, she's an F R E A K freak. I hope she's crying right now. Or, at the very least, pouting.

I would love to go for free pancakes. IHOP has the only pancakes that I actually like(I'm on your side on this issue, Tracie). Unfortunately, I have work and then I have a Mid-Term on the 12th.