I want one!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I really want a (or some) new camera lens(es). But, in an effort to not get greedy, I think I've found the one I should start with. It would satisfy two of my 'wants' all in one pretty little lens.

This little guy would provide me with a new 'fast lens' for low light photography (which was what that last camera related post was about) as well as a macro function. And considering the fact that I tend to get myself into 'close-up situations' almost always when there is lower light...it just sounds like a necessary lens to me.

"Necessary?" you say, "but do you really think your life won't go on without this lens?"

Hey, you hush now! I'm busy convincing myself that this is the next thing I need!

Anyway, this is SO going on my Christmas list. Course...I still need to get better with my camera. Heh...funny story. Today I was out taking pictures of some buildings for our advertising. I had changed from one of my older manual lenses to the auto focus lens that came with my camera. I happily snapped away...all the while not realizing that I hadn't changed some of my settings back.

You see, I had been taking some lower light photos the other night and had set the ISO way up. It did NOT need to be that high with all the bright sunlight I was in today. I ended up with some funky exposures. See, it's so different with a film camera...I'm just still not used to digital.

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Stephanie said...

I want to see the funkily-exposed shots!