It's like a patch for my addiction...

I had posted a couple of days ago about a blog that Steph introduced me to. Last week I started reading the archives thinking "Well, when I get bored of this, I'll just stop reading." Problem was, I never stopped reading. I read through every back entry on that site. Yesterday was a dark day for me. I finally reached the end. No more posts. I think I cried a little.

So. To help soothe my addiction (I hope), I am borrowing the style that this post will be written in from PW. Granted, her photos are WAY better than mine...but you guys will just have to deal.

I'm sure that you (and by 'you' I mean the two people that still read this from time to time) have just been dying to know what I do on a day to day basis. So I'm going to satisfy your curiosity. All of you know about the "showing apartments" aspect of property management. Yesterday I focused on the other aspect of the company.

One of the things my company does is rehab old historic buildings. This is one of two that we are currently be working on. It will have two very nice apartments in it soon.

There's the tile that will be going in the kitchen and bathrooms.

These front doors used to be yellow. Big Bird yellow. No joke.

This is the kitchen. No really! Ok, it WILL be the kitchen once all the construction equipment is out, the floor is down, the cabinets are up, the appliances are...ok. You get the idea.

This is a new bathroom layout for us. In the past, our bathrooms have all had a tub/shower combo. Like most standard apartments. In this particular apartment, we are trying out a separate shower and tub arrangement. (I just wish we had put a bigger tub in...I mean, if you're going to separate them the only reason to use the tub is for a bath right? That tub barely looks big enough for

Then I got distracted. LOOK! I can see my shutter move! Ok, actually, I was just checking to see that I wasn't getting too much dust on my lens. But when I turned the camera over, my finger hit the button. Oh so flattering. Hey, do I have anything in my nose? Guys? Hey guys?

This happens a lot at our construction sites. Not really sure why...

And finally, here is the next building in progress. That whole front wall had to be torn down and re-built. Funny, as soon as I pulled my camera out all of the masons seemed to disappear. Weird.

So there you go. Don't you feel better now? Breath a sigh of relief and go about your day with renewed purpose. You're welcome.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another "A Brief Lesson In...".


Kristen said...

After a careful inspection, I see nothing in your nose. Thanks for the pics and walk through one part of your daily life. Some of the pics are very neat. What's the broken window?

Stephanie said...

Wow - the sky is INCREDIBLE in the broken glass pics. That's fantastic.

And I concur with Kristen -- I didn't see anything up your nose.

Tracie said...

Your true friends will always help you inspect your nose. ;)

The broken window is on the second floor of one of the apartments in that building. I have no idea why we always get AT LEAST one in every construction site. Last time I had to Photoshop a window back into a picture I was using for advertising.

Speaking of Photoshop Steph...there is NO WAY I photoshopped those broken glass pics. ;)