Enough is Enough

Lately my apartment is suffering from a severe case of high entropy. Actually, there's no lately about it. This problem has been ongoing for years. As a matter of fact...since I learned about the second law of thermodynamics, I've used entropy as an excuse for my messy ways.

The basic idea (for those of you that didn't take the time to wade through that wiki site) as it was explained to me back in high school is that a system is constantly working towards 'perfect internal disorder' or equilibrium. At its simplest, entropy is the measure of the system's change from order to disorder.

Now, it gets WAY more complicated than that but the simplified explanation was given in order to get the general concept across to our puny high school brains (with out them exploding). Here's the best part though. One of the examples that was given to illustrate how a system is constantly moving towards disorder was a dirty bedroom. That's right. The idea was that when you cleaned your bedroom that 'system' was at it's lowest level of entropy, or its most ordered. Two weeks later your room was at its highest level of entropy (or most disordered) when the floor was strewn with dirty socks, the bed wasn't made, and books were falling out of the bookcase. Got it?

This concept really stuck in my (as previously mentioned) puny high school brain. When accused of having a dirty bedroom, my answer would inevitably be "Oh no, my bedroom is just returning to its naturally disordered state. You see, this is a spontaneous change of state regardless of how ordered I would like for it to stay. I'm sure you understand that I would be disrupting the balance of the universe if I were to return it to that ordered state."

As I'm sure you could figure out, this response was not usually received well and got old. Fast. And my (as previously mentioned) puny high school brain figured it was perfectly fine to pick and choose which parts of the physical laws worked best for me. I really had no idea what entropy really was until college, and even then (and now) it still boggles my mind when I think about it. Physics is a crazy crazy science.


Since my living-space always seems to want to return to that naturally disordered state, and since that really isn't socially acceptable, I've decided that I need some thing to help combat the Evil Entropy. Enter, storage containers. I spent the weekend going through some old boxes and...stuff...in an attempt to get more organized.

I thought about posting some before and after pictures...but that would be far to embarrassing. So, instead, here are a couple of pictures of the storage containers that will be helping me become more 'ordered'.

First I bought two of these for my craft stuff.

Funny thing though. That didn't even put a dent in the craft stuff that needed a place to live.

So, I got one of these yesterday.

I'm sure I'll be getting another in the near future.

In addition, I would like to get several of these for yarn and fabric.

And yay! They're stackable.

So there you go. Next time someone accuses you of having a messy house, just tell them (with complete confidence) that it's just entropy taking over.

They'll think you're smart. Trust me.


Kristen said...

VERY interesting. Never heard it that way. Glad to have a new excuse! Also proud of you for diving in like you are. Hopefully I will be inspired.

Stephanie said...

*golf clap*

That was a hell of a way to explain cleaning your apartment.

*golf clap*

Joan said...

LOL. I love this excuse! But God help me if Christian ever reads this! :-P

Kristi said...

Those plastic-drawer thingies are great. I have two in my living room closet and two in my walk-in bedroom closet. Couldn't live without them.