We're not in Kansas anymore...

Crazy wind! Just lost power briefly. Another reason laptops rock!

Today's high was somewhere around 60 degrees at sometime around 12 or 1ish.*

The temperature now? 20 degrees.

And windy as CRAP!

After being TOO warm in my sweater around 12:30 this afternoon, this is the site that greeted me when I left the office at 3:30 this afternoon to do an inspection:

That's snow. I wish I had had my good camera in hand when I walked out the door instead of the work camera.

*correction. Kristi's right. The high was actually 73 today. Sheesh.


Kristi said...

The high today actually got to 72, I think. I went out for a walk around 1:30, right when the temps started falling. It was 62. Made 2 laps around the building and then got slammed in the face with the cold air and thought "nope, that's it for me." :) Then the temps fell to 35 within two hours. Cah-RAZY! :)

Kristen said...

Yeah- it was already 60 when I walked out of the house in the morning.