As previously mentioned, the temperatures during the early part of January were quite balmy in relation to how they should have been.

With the temperatures returning to more "normal" levels this week, I figured it was only fair to show everyone how proper feet should be attired in St. Louis during the month of January.

However, most people don't like a random stranger photographing their feet. You could get labeled as a 'pervert' or 'freak' or some other such name. Not that I've ever attempted to do that or been called those things. And today was not the day to start.

Because of the above listed reasons, I was only able to use my feet as an example. And for those of you that do NOT know...my feet are anything but proper.


Take a look at those shoes. I mean, they're in despicable shape. You would think I could have taken the time to at least Photoshop some polish on the toes. But hey, they do have ONE thing going for them. They're the 'inside out' version of Steph's. (don't ask)

But THIS just takes the cake.

Again, for those of you that DON'T know, I rarely (if ever) wear matching socks. The only time they match is when the planets are aligned, the stars stop shining, karma reverses itself, and...well, you get the idea.

I also do not set out to make any specific combinations. As long as they are the same weight and close to the same length, I will wear them together.

Today's combination tickled me though. Funny how one foot managed to get the black and white sock and the other foot managed to get the most colorful sock in my drawer. As if my feet are polar opposites. As if they spend the day in constant argument or debate.

Of course...there are always two sides to every coin.

I have NO idea what that means. Just nod your head and make that 'mmmmHMMMM' noise. People will think you're smart.

Trust me.

And I promise to stop posting pictures of my feet on this site.

Scouts honor.


Dirty Gypsy said...

Okay, Dan. Stop fooling around and give Tracie back her site!!


I love the socks. I agree that it is quite a philosophical question that could be raised from that conundrum.

Kimberly said...

Cool Tracie. I've seen many people wear their socks like that. I love it!

Thanks for sharing.


Kristen said...

What can I say? I take pictures of feet too. Not only was there a foot in MY last blog entry, but also I traditionally take them on vacations. To prove where my feet have been.

Anonymous said...

And just what is wrong with black and white?? Not a thing...I'd say it's rather, well, cool...

Tracie said...

Oh I don't know. I've always found individuals wearing Black and White to be a bit of a paradox. You know...the whole White represents 'good' and Black represents 'evil' thing. You can see how one could easily be confused.

Ok ok...fine. You want the truth? Just don't tell anyone...

Black and White is my favorite. ;)