Time I'll never get back

I stumbled across this site today. Hilarious stuff. But I have one major problem with it.

Whoever captions those things should be hung upside down by their toes and slapped silly with a herring. I'm not sure if the person really has no grasp on the English language or if they're trying to make the statement that the animals have no grasp on the English language.

Regardless, it's highly annoying. So annoying in fact, I almost stopped looking after the first couple of pictures.

Almost. I'm currently on page 16. Someone stop me...please?

Here are a couple of my favorites. And I'm sorry to whoever runs the site...I HAD to take the link off the bottom of each picture. "moar funny pictures"? Really.

Has anyone seen The Illusionist? I seriously can't figure this one out...
funny pictures

Can I get one of these for the office? Does anyone know what the current version is?
Funny Pictures

funny pictures

Funny Pictures

funny pictures

Funny Pictures

Kittens=World Peace
funny pictures

funny pictures

Seriously people. Go waste a good hour and a half of your day on this site. What's that? You want to waste MORE of your day?

Hey. That's entirely your prerogative.


Joan said...

These are awesome! You can never go wrong with pictures of cute kitties. Of the ones you posted, my faves are the "None of your business..." and "Queen's English." And I think there must have been some photoshopping of the mirror one. Not sure if the site itself will be blocked from work, but I'm about to find out... :-P

Kristi said...

Yeah, give up the idea about the English being correct on the site. It all adds to the humor. Apparently you haven't spent enough time around gaming geeks and other netizens who love to screw with the language with humorous results. What? I don't either, I just know they're out there. :)

My brother is ADDICTED to that site. :) He always sends me his favorite new pics from it.

Dirty Gypsy said...

DAMMIT, TRACIE! I just got over my addiction to that site!! GAH!!!


Tracie said...

Wow. So THIS was the site you guys were talking about the other night. Yeah. I'm slow. So sue me.

Kristi - I have plenty of gaming friends thankyouverymuch! But humorous results? Umm. No.


Craig J. said...

Here you go Tracie:


I'm not addicted. :p It's just on my list of Web pages I look at in the morning .. I think they're funny. So there!