Why? This question is most likely going through your mind after viewing the above picture. Some of you might even be asking "What in the...?". Both of these are perfectly logical questions my friends. I'll answer the second one first.

What are they? Technically speaking they are temporary dreadlocks made from either synthetic material or wool. They're dyed in a variety of colors that could be a natural hair color or something far more funky! They can then be attached to hair by way of braiding or weaving in (like any other 'permanent' hair extension) or by way of elastic hair ties or combs. So. There you are. I've answered the 'What?' question.

Now for the 'Why?'...

The majority of you are most likely thinking "Why in the world would someone attach weird multi-colored woolly things to their heads??". They're definitely attention grabbing and, for most people, more than weird looking. But this is not the 'Why?' I'm asking myself. My 'Why?' is:

"WHY do I want some of these!?!"

Seriously...I want some. I have no idea why. I mean, where would I wear them?? I don't go out dancing much anymore, don't participate in any strange anime/live role playing/goth groups, don't belly dance (they're huge with the belly dancers), and didn't even dress up for Halloween this year! (although that last is going to change next year, mark my words!)

But inexplicably...I want some. Here are a few pictures of some I have run across and really like.

This one is one of the crazier falls...very full...but I like the colors even though they wouldn't really be appropriate for my hair color. They can be found at Cleo Wolfus Designs' Etsy shop.

Here is a view from the back.

And from the same designer:

*you can't see the elastic bands...but I'm pretty sure they're there. And I love the braided ends to cover where you've put them in your hair.

This color combo is, without a doubt, my favorite.
These are from SomethingDread.Full's Etsy shop.

Seriously. These make my fingers creep toward my wallet. They make me want to email her and ask if she'll hold them for me till Friday. They make me want to buy a new wardrobe so I can have excuses to wear them. (by the way, there are actually two in the set...) I mean, imagine these with my hair!

I don't know why. And if someone can answer my 'Why?' question, I would be extremely grateful.

However, for the following picture...I'm right there with the rest of you on "WHY?!?"

*that's from exoskeletoncabaret's Etsy shop. Wicked cool photography and wearable art...

Ok. Now that I've told you about some weird desire that I have...it's YOUR turn.

Wait. Maybe that's not such a great idea... I take it back. I don't want to know.


Stephanie said...



margygwiz said...

Do you know that your cousin Julie has had some of these ! She may have some useful insights....FYI

Kristi said...

Ok. I am also going "OMG" and "WTF" when I see those.


I also think it might be totally cool if you COULD pull it off, in the right situation for it. :)

Still. Probably best not to blow your money on something that MIGHT be totally cool, or look totally weird once you had it on.. :)

(and I expected your mom to say "TRACIE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" but come to find out she's like "hey, check with Julie, she might hook you up with these!" LOL... :)

Larry said...

Why, you ask. I'll tell you why.

It's cuz you're crazy. They make medications for what you have. But, really, why would you take them. They don't cure you, they just supress the symptoms. May as well just stay unmedicated, stop asking why, and buy the multi-colored mops. You will probably be happier that way.

And if not, go see a doctor. They can prescribe you some really good meds.

Tracie said...

Hey thanks for the advise Larry. It's always great when your friends validate your weird obsessions. :)

And hey Kristi. If they don't look cool...I can just use them to clean my floor.