Knock Knock.

This is where you say 'Who's there?'.


That's you again. 'Banana who?'

Knock Knock.

'Who's there?'


'Banana who?'

Knock Knock. giggle

'Who's there?'


'BANANA WHO?' now look, there's no reason to shout.

Knock Knock.

*cricket cricket

psst. That's you.

*cricket cricket

ehem. Hey! Come on. Just say 'Who's There?' There you go! That wasn't so bad right?


'Orange who?'

ORANGE you glad I didn't say banana?

Ok, for any of you still reading this, I was going to stop there and let that be my orange post. But you all know me. I need to post photos. NEED to. And since orange is one of my favorite colors...I couldn't let this one just go by. So, without further ado:

Orange is...

...the color of my hair. According to Steph that is. She says it isn't red. So you can all start calling me an 'orangehead' from now on.

Actually. Please don't. And my response to Steph for pointing out that my hair 'isn't actually red' is this:

Why YES! I am mature. Thanks for noticing!

...one of the colors of my mom's favorite football team. (Look, the horse and I have the same color hair!)

...the color usually associated with my favorite month.

...the color of the headers and link text (like mine!) on the GIMP home page.

This is free image editing software. It appears to have some similar features to Photoshop and since it's open source, people are continuously working on developments. I'm not actually actively looking for new editing software, but I had heard of this one several times and finally decided to check it out. Since it's free, there's no risk. Maybe I'll download it and try it out some time.

Please don't tell Photoshop that I'm thinking of cheating on it. Oh, but did I mention it's free??

I could go on and on an on with this...no really, I could.

Instead, I leave you with this: (and I'm really sorry about that joke thing up there)


Joan said...

I love the last pic! Reminds me of a photo I took in high school. My orange post is coming soon. Promise.

Stephanie said...

I can't tell you how worried I was that you'd visited a site called gimp.com until I read your description. *whew*

And I knew SOMEONE would tell the knock-knock joke -- I just didn't know who. :)

And as usual, the picture is very nice.

Kristen said...

Gimp.com, eh?

Larry said...

OMG, your hair IS orange.