Rockstar Photographer

Last Sunday Kristen had the chance to do a live radio show on 89.1 FM. She invited P along to do some percussion. I tagged along because, well, because I could damn it! And since I don't seem to go anywhere without my camera plastered to my face...here are the results.

*psst. Click that link up there for more information on her upcoming show

Do I get a press pass?

The radio show was called The Bones Headphones show. Yep. That's Bones.

After a brief introduction and the first mentioning of her CD and upcoming show...

...and some quick tuning...

...she launched into the first of the live performances.

They played very well together.

A good time was had by all.

Now, because I am who I am (and most of you probably know where this is going) the following pictures are (as SOME would say) 'artsy fartsy'. But, you know me. And you know that I know that you know me. So you know that I know that you know that I of course had to post these.

Now, the following picture is not and I repeat NOT for the faint of heart. If you are easily frightened, nauseated, or brought to tears...please do not continue. You have been warned.

Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday were above 60 degrees. It was beautiful. So...this was the most exciting piece of my wardrobe for those three days...

*you can still turn back!

Flip Flops!! Oh Hallelujah for a pseudo spring!

Yes. I just posted a picture of my feet on this blog. I'm completely, madly, deeply, sincerely, truly sorry.

But if you cried or screamed like a little girl...hey, I warned you.


Kristi said...

Yayyy!! Awesome pictures (of course)!! She is SUCH a rockstar!! :)

And awww, your tootsies look pwetty!!! :) Sunday and Monday were above 70 degrees actually. Amazing! I want that back! :)

Joan said...

Very cool! Great photographic storytelling, but I think my favorite is the one with just P's hands on the percussion instrument. (Sorry - couldn't tell from the pics exactly what kind of drum it is!)

And I, too, would love to have that weather back, though it did feel rather weird in January. :-P

Tracie said...

Kristi - I'm glad you like the pics...but my 'tootsies' are anything but pretty. :)

Joan - that one is my favorite as well. You should see the SOOC shot...so not as cool :)

Oh and P's drum in these shots is a djembe.