If Blogger was my boss...

I would immediately start sending out resumes. Seriously. Wait. My boss is kinda like blogger. Makes my life WAY more difficult than it should be. I've spent the majority of my day trying to figure out how to properly format pictures in a post. Looks like there is no good way to do that.

I peeked at my blog from my house last night and discovered that my finely crafted post (that previous one y'all loved so much) was all wonky.

*Yes. I said "y'all". Whatcha gonna do about it??

So, after discovering that the post did not view the same on my home computer, I started wondering what it must look like on everyone else's computer. I was up all night agonizing over it. There was much teeth-gnashing and cloth-rending. Ok, maybe not. But it WAS bothering me.

So. Enter Google. I figured there MUST be some way to fix this. I couldn't be the only one that wanted to sometimes post a picture on the right and then get crazy and post a picture on the left. All in the same post.

After a quick search of the internet (read 2 hour), I started playing around with the CSS code. Cause I'm a CSS code guru. Betcha didn't know I wrote the BOOK on CSS. Umm, can anyone tell me what CSS stands for? Please?

Anyway, after much fooling around and some lucky guesses, I think I have it figured out. I should be able to continue bringing you posts that not only have images in them, but have images artfully arranged on both the left AND right sides of the page.

Heaven forbid I ever decide I want some centered.

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Stephanie said...

CSS = cascading style sheet

You're welcome.